Anton & Lisa Van de Plas


After years of dedication and immersion in the dynamic world of wine, Anton and Lisa Van de Plas have established their ultra-small lot luxury wine brand, Afterwords. This exciting venture is poised to captivate wine enthusiasts with its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive character.

With an unwavering commitment to producing exceptional wines, Afterwords has enlisted the talents of renowned winemaker Julien Fayard. Known for his expertise and artistry, Fayard brings his wealth of experience and passion to the brand, ensuring the highest standards of quality and innovation.

A story of words …

Anton, originally from the Netherlands, began his journey in the legal field by establishing the Tilburg Foreign Law Review, a student-run law journal, while studying at law school in the early 1990s. After completing his studies, he moved to the United States to pursue further education and continued his involvement in publishing law books.

During a visit to a horseshow in Tampa, Anton crossed paths with Lisa, an enthusiastic equestrian. Their connection grew, leading them to marry in 2000. Lisa joined Anton’s publishing business, which expanded to include an equestrian magazine, catering to the equestrian community.

In the following years, Anton developed a keen interest in wine. Eager to deepen his knowledge, he enrolled in courses offered by the International Sommelier Guild. This newfound passion led to numerous trips to California’s wine country, where Anton immersed himself in the world of winemaking.

In 2012, Anton persuaded Lisa to join him in relocating to wine country and embarking on a journey in the wine business. Over the past decade, they have collaborated with several wineries, assisting them in achieving their aspirations and objectives.

After years of contemplation, Anton and Lisa finally decided to establish their own winery in 2021. They reached out to renowned winemaker Julien Fayard, whom they had previously met through mutual friends, and appointed him to lead their wine program. This collaboration culminated in the release of the inaugural vintage of Afterwords in the present year.

Given their extensive background in publishing, it was a natural choice to name their winery “Afterwords,” symbolizing the transition from publishing “words” to producing premium wines—a new chapter in their lives.

In addition to their winery venture, Lisa recently ventured into the retail sector by opening her first women’s lifestyle boutique named LIV & WELL in downtown Napa. The boutique offers a curated selection of products and services catering to women’s lifestyles, providing a unique and enriching shopping experience.

Julien Fayard


Julien Fayard, a highly respected winemaker in Napa Valley, brings more than two decades of winemaking expertise to his craft. Known for his ability to produce California varietals with a touch of French finesse, Julien believes in showcasing the unique characteristics and identities of each wine he creates. His winemaking philosophy revolves around expressing the terroir—the combination of factors including fruit, vineyard management, soil, and climate—that shapes the wines.

Originally hailing from France, Julien’s winemaking journey began at his family’s winery in Provence, where he focused on crafting high-quality rosé wines. He then honed his skills further in Bordeaux, working at esteemed wineries such as Lafite Rothschild and Smith Haut Laffite. Eventually, Julien made his way to Napa Valley, where he served as the director of winemaking for Philippe Melka for several years before venturing out to establish his own winemaking projects.

Julien’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Agri-Business from ESA France and a Master’s degree in Winemaking from Toulouse France. In 2011, he also obtained his MBA from UC Davis, enhancing his business acumen alongside his winemaking expertise.

Throughout his career, Julien has built a reputation for developing brands that excel both in terms of quality and market presence. His meticulous approach to winemaking, combined with his deep understanding of vineyards and winemaking techniques, allows him to craft wines that truly reflect the unique qualities of the Napa Valley region while incorporating his own distinct style.