Your Afterwords Journey

Our Introductory Offer

Embark on your Afterwords journey with our introductory offer. Upon signing up, you’ll gain access to three wines from past releases, exclusively reserved for this offering: the 2022 Preface, 2021 Narrative, and 2021 Epilogue. New members can select their preferred wines and quantities, choosing from the available bottles of each wine.

Participating in our introductory offer not only offers a sneak peek into the Afterwords portfolio but also grants expedited access to seasonal and library releases.

Seasonal Releases occur twice a year, in the spring (February) and fall (August). With our wines produced in limited quantities, we allocate bottles to members based on tenure, purchase history, and other engagement factors. During the release window, your allocation is guaranteed, ensuring enhanced access to future wines. Members enjoy preferred pricing during this period, exclusive to them. Post-release, our wines return to retail pricing to align with our global trade partners.

Private Offerings may be available to those attending our events or visiting us at the winery. Similar to our releases, private offerings include a guaranteed allocation of select bottles for a limited time.

Existing members, login to your account with the Log In link above to see any available allocations.