We might nickname this wine the “LISA” Chardonnay because Lisa is such a huge fan of this wine at Afterwords.

The first edition of the Prologue Chardonnay comes from Mt. Veeder and is made from three different types of Chardonnay clones: Montrachet, Robert Young, and Wente.

The Montrachet offers a delicate flavor reminiscent of pressed flowers, accompanied by lively acidity and a rich mid-palate that provides depth. This grape variety also imparts delightful pastry notes, similar to the aroma of freshly baked brioche. Meanwhile, the Robert Young contributes elegant Chardonnay characteristics, such as hints of sea spray, fragrant honeysuckle, beeswax, and lanolin. Additionally, the Wente clone adds a touch of weight to the flavor profile, maintaining the wine’s fresh and lively quality through its acidity.

We’re highly impressed by the inaugural release of the 2022 Afterwords Prologue Napa Valley Chardonnay. It boasts a strong, focused taste, leaning more towards citrus flavors than tropical ones. A third of the wine underwent malolactic fermentation, with subtle oak notes from its fermentation in neutral barrels, where it also aged on the lees for 18 months.

Napa Valley

Vineyard at the Southern end of Mt. Veeder.

Dominant Varietal
Chardonnay, Montrachet, Robert Young, and Wente clones

Sense of Place
Vineyard elevation: 650–960, Soil composition: Weathered sandstone, fractured shale, and clay loam.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Flavors veer between citrus and tropical. Broad shouldered and structured.

Production Volume
3 barrels

First Vintage