Rosé Wine

Our PREFACE Rosé is a testament to Julien’s winemaking roots in Provence, where he began his career producing quality rosé at his family’s winery. This classic Provencal blend is crafted from Syrah and Grenache, two grape varieties that contribute to its delightful character.

The winemaking process follows the Methode Provencale, which involves either direct pressing or maceration and bleeding of the juice, as practiced in Côtes de Provence, France. Furthermore, unlike the common practice in California, no malolactic fermentation takes place for this rosé. This helps to preserve the wine’s fresh and vibrant characteristics.

The PREFACE gets the dedicated attention by sourcing grapes specifically grown for making rosé wine. These grapes are harvested on the earlier side, capturing the essence of their lively acidity. This deliberate approach ensures that our rosé exemplifies the best qualities of the fruit.


Dominant Varietal

Sense of Place
A dynamic blend from two vineyards in the Sierra foothills

Distinguishing Characteristics
Enticing aromas of white spring rose, under-ripe watermelon, and honeydew. On the palate, you’ll experience a burst of flavors reminiscent of white cherry, peaches, pear, and nectarine. This rosé is fruit forward, offering a light and bright presence that mirrors the radiant sunlight

Production Volume
50 cases

First Vintage